Our lineup of human-machine interfaces and pointing devices distinguish themselves by delivering an unbeatable combination of ultra-accessible usability and quality rugged design. These features make them ideal for interfaces in environments like factories, hospitals, mechanic shops, and rugged laptops, among others. From resistive touchpads (VersaPad) to joystick modules (MicroJoystick) to industrial mouses (DuraPoint), we likely have a standard interfacing solution that fills your needs.

Please browse our full catalogue of standard human-machine interfaces and pointing/mousing devices below. If you would like to find out how our solutions will work with your product firsthand, consider trying one of our hardware development kits (HDKs), which provide all of the hardware and basic accessories you need for design and prototyping purposes.

What Is a Human-Machine Interface (HMI)?

The term human-machine interface (HMIs) refers to the input devices and software that facilitate interaction between a user and a piece of electronic equipment. For instance, if you're interacting with this site from your smartphone or tablet, the capacitive touchscreen you are using to browse this page is an examples of a common HMI device. However, while home electronics and appliances and office equipment may meet the technical definition of an HMI device, the term is usually reserved for digital interfaces that control industrial machinery and similar, heavier applications. It's this fact that influences our rugged design principles. When properly integrated, these tough-as-nails products can resist spills, dirt, grime, vibrations, and harsh temperatures. Unlike capacitive interfaces, all of our solutionsincluding our resistive touchpadscan be operated by workers wearing gloves, which is common practice in hospitals, factories, and other markets we serve.