Q:  I have a technical question about an Interlink standard product. Who should I contact?
A:  We recommend you first check the RESOURCES section of the website for Data Sheets, White Papers, and Application Guides. If you still have a question and are a small to medium sized enterprise we recommend contacting your local Interlink representative. Details can be found via the CONTACT option above. Large enterprise and multinational customers should use the enquiry form to contact Interlink directly.

Q:  Who should I contact for a quotation or general enquiry?
A:  Our Representative partners will be happy to receive your enquiry. Representative contact details can be found via the CONTACT tab in the navigation bar above. Interlink typically services large enterprise and multinational customers directly, and a quotation or advice can be requested via the enquiry form.

Q:  I want to order Interlink standard sensors and need them quickly. Whom should I contact?
A:  We recommend checking out our online store at BuyInterlinkElectronics.com. If you can't find what you need there, you can also try our global distribution partner Digi-Key.

Q:  I’m interested in a custom solution. Is this cost effective?
A:  There are typically NRE charges associated with custom solutions, so we don’t recommend this route for small volume applications. For large volume commercial applications, a custom solution can be very cost effective. Interlink can supply sensors to varying degrees of integration, including firmware development, output technologies (haptics, illumination, etc.), and even A-surface integration. Contact us for more information and advice.

Q:  I am a student or a small business with an unfunded project. What level of assistance can you offer me?
A:  Unfortunately we are unable to offer direct technical support for non-commercial enquiries. However, you will find a lot of useful information under the RESOURCES tab in the navigation bar.

Q:  I have an Interlink Electronics remotepoint control, signature capture, or presentation product and require service or support.
A:  Interlink divested these business units several years ago, and we are no longer able to offer service or support.