Welcome Interlink Electronics' supplier information portal. The goal of the supplier information portal is to improve supplier communication, streamline delivery of supplier data, and provide a resource to guide you to the best contact person when you have a question. With less time spent seeking information and requirements, you have more time to allocate to actually using that information to improve the quality and delivery of your products.

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Supplier Forms

SQS2002 - Supplier Quality Manual and Q-Clause List: Invoked as a contractual requirement on all Interlink Electronic purchase orders. Suppliers of products and services to Interlink Electronics must abide by the requirements of SQS2002, which includes a complete list of all Interlink Electronics Q-Clauses as shown on supplier purchase orders. To view the Supplier Quality Requirements click HERE.

PCN Form - Supplier Process/Product Change Notification: Suppliers who require Interlink Electronics approval for product or process changes shall submit a detailed description of such change request using the current revision of the PCN Form.

Additional Supplier Quality Reference Information

PPAP Requirements: Some purchase orders will reference automotive PPAP requirements. To assist suppliers with compliance, Interlink has adopted common, internationally available, automotive standards on the Production Part Approval Process which are published in multiple languages by the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG). The PPAP Manual, generally accepted within the Automotive industry and by Interlink Electronics can be obtained from AIAG by visiting their website http://www.aiag.org

IMDS Requirements: When required by Interlink Electronics, suppliers shall submit a material data sheet via the International Material Data System (IMDS) website http://www.mdsystem.com. Please use the Interlink Electronics IMDS site identification code—ID#106255—when submitting your MDS. The IMDS website hosts submission requirements, information, training, and registration information in multiple languages. Suppliers who have never used IMDS before should begin by reviewing the "Public Pages" on the IMDS website, or contact one of the global IMDS service centers listed HERE.

Electronics Requirements: Some purchase orders and/or product drawings will reference electronics quality and workmanship requirements. To assist suppliers with compliance, Interlink has adopted common, internationally available, electronics standards published in multiple languages by "IPC". IPC standards can be obtained by visiting their website http://www.ipc.org

Conflict Mineral Requirements: All suppliers to Interlink Electronics are required to comply with Conflict Mineral Requirements. Conflict minerals include Tin, Tungsten, Tantalum and Gold that originate from the Democratic Republic of Congo and nine adjoining countries as defined in section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Legislative Act of the United States Congress.

Supplier Contact Information

Have a Question? To avoid delays and quality disruptions, Interlink Electronics welcomes suppliers to seek clarification if a requirement is not fully understood. Please submit an information request by emailing purchasing@iefsr.com