MicroJoystick HDK
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The MicroJoystick HDK (Hardware Development Kit) is the perfect tool to evaluate this unique 4-zone mouse pointing solution. The MicroJoystick HDK provides all of the necessary components to understand and evaluate this robust joystick mousing solution. The high-precision MicroJoystick is an innovative and intuitive OEM pointing system that delivers simultaneous 360-degree control of both direction and speed at the touch of a fingertip. The MicroJoystick solution includes the joystick component and a microcontroller with proprietary measurement firmware. It is ideal for integration into notebook computers, remote controls, games, ruggedized devices, and other portable products where space is limited. The dynamic response of force sensing resistor technology enables the lightest of touches to be translated into smooth, intuitive cursor control, while simultaneously enabling dynamic speed control by altering the amount of pressure applied. The result is smooth cursor movement in any direction, from a precise crawl to a screen-crossing zip. MicroJoystick is based on Interlink Electronics' pressure-sensitive Force Sensing Resistor® (FSR®). The standard MicroJoystick system is a component-level solution consisting of a joystick, a micro-controller, and a rubber cap.

The MicroJoystick HDK includes a fully functioning demo module that can be easily connected to a PC for evaluation. It also contains additional sensors, programmed micro-controllers, and full product integration documentation.