Interlink Electronics' force sensing capabilities can be leveraged to create devices that not only detect touch, but also the position of that touch. Our Force Sensing Linear Potentiometer is a touch interface that detects position along a straight line. Potential applications include volume level toggles, linear movement controls, or home automation interfaces, just to name a few. The Ring Sensor uses the same force sensor technology to control interfaces with a doughnut-shaped sensor that users can interact with similarly to a traditional dial.

Working on an initial design or prototype in need of a position sensing device? Our HDKs provide a number of sensor and connector variations to experiment withletting you try before you buy.

If you need a force-based position detection solution that isn't fulfilled by our standard models, please get in touch with our custom solutions team today to discuss your options. We can modify a wide range of attributesincluding dimensions, size, shape, etc.or design a position sensor from the ground up to address your specific touch sensing solution needs.