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Interlink Electronics invented and patented Force Sensing Resistor (FSR®) technology in 1985, and we have led the industry ever since.

Our latest innovation adds two new FSR families to our product line, as well as a new version of our VersaPad rugged touchpad device. The FSR X™ and FSR UX™ series and the VersaPad Plus™ offer next generation performance characteristics, providing engineers and designers with the ability to find exactly the right fit for their needs.


You asked us for an increased dynamic sensing range, enhanced precision, and stability. We are proud to deliver all three in our next generation sensors. The FSR X™ and FSR UX™ series give you the flexibility you require to develop the best solution for your application.


Features & Benefits

  • Actuation force as low as 0.3 Newtons
  • Sensitivity range up to 150 Newtons
  • Operable with bare or gloved fingers—even when wet or contaminated
  • Robust: tested to 10 million actuations
  • Ultrathin
  • Simple and cost-effective to integrate
  • Customizable size, shape, and length
  • Compatible with metal, plastic, and other surface materials
  • Differentiates between intended and unintended touches
  • Antimicrobial protection (optional)